The wedding dress of the «young princess» that Jennifer Lopez chose for her wedding with Ben Affleck. First look

A modest and charming bride

Jennifer Lopez did not torment fans for a long time or sell the wedding exclusive to glossy giants, but honestly allowed the dear guests of the star wedding ceremony to publish exclusive pictures on their social networks.

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The dress of the most discussed bride of 2022 was first declassified by the devoted hair stylist J.Lo — Chris Appleton. The video gives a complete picture of the wedding image: a simple closed sleeveless top with a printed pattern and a moderately voluminous floor-length skirt.

Jennifer whirled around in the frame from the bottom of her heart and gave fans the opportunity to look at the dress from all sides, down to the tiny buttons on the back. The only comment that the singer could utter a few minutes before the main love event was that she was incredibly «excited». It is still unknown which of the designers became the author of the dress? Or, judging by Jennifer’s message, did she buy it at a run-of-the-mill «everything for brides» store in Las Vegas? 

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