The story of one dress: the sexiest image in the movie

The Devil wears white, or Sharon Stone’s dress from «Basic Instinct»

The most famous outfit from the erotic thriller and perhaps one of the most iconic in modern cinema is the white dress by Sharon Stone from 1992’s Basic Instinct. Ultrashort made of wool crepe, with an American armhole and a high throat — it seems that it not only exposes the heroine’s body as much as possible, but also helps to describe her true character better than any words. A piquant and important feature is that Catherine Tramell does not wear underwear: it is enough to recall the iconic interrogation scene in which the heroine spreads her legs in front of detectives losing their composure. Who up to this point could imagine a vamp woman in white?

История одного платья: самый сексуальный образ в кино

The same dress that made Sharon Stone famous is a find of the costume designer «Basic Instinct» Ellen Mirozhnik. «I wanted Catherine’s wardrobe and her appearance to look relevant regardless of the time, so I preferred the most concise image,» she says. Unlike, say, the cops in old-school shirts and boring raincoats.

История одного платья: самый сексуальный образ в кино

A white dress, an impeccable trench coat, miniature diamond earrings and nude stilettos with high heels and an open heel — Mirozhnik came up with this sketch from scratch, and designer Mary Ellen Fields embodied it in reality. «We always wonder — did she do it or not? I wanted to create an image that best suits her ambiguous character. Catherine was deliberately made an ice blonde so that she would look like Hitchcock’s heroines.» The comparison with horror classics is not accidental. Director Paul Verhoeven has repeatedly admitted that his favorite film is «Vertigo» by Alfred Hitchcock, 1958. And he watched it several times before doing «Basic Instinct».

With the triumphant return of nineties fashion to the catwalks, why not take the insidious snow-white image into service for the most sensual episodes of your own life?

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