The cabbage principle: 6 multi-layered solutions for every day

What to wear with what and where to fill what

How not to freeze in a windy cold spring, trends from new collections that can be worn on the principle of cabbage will tell you. So, here are a few combinations for every day

Suit + bright shirt + turtleneck 

This combination will not only enliven the working dress code, but also cheer up due to a bright shirt. Lilac, turquoise, invigorating shades of green, purple or yellow — you can try the boldest colors, because the brightness of the shirt will still be muted by a suit of neutral colors. A turtleneck is also better to choose a calm color: gray, beige, black or white. Plus, it should be thin and tight-fitting, so that nothing bulges under the suit.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день


Turtleneck sweater + Denim jacket + raincoat

We wore jeans over a turtleneck sweater as teenagers when we wanted to be fashionable, despite the cold. In the Celine collection, a long sweater, as in our youth, comes out from under a short jeans — just this discrepancy in lengths makes the image interesting. We advise you to choose a slightly voluminous raincoat: you can safely put on several layers under this one.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день


Sweater + combination + underpants

In the collections of the autumn-winter 2021 season, fashion is actively flirting with the outdoors. One of the manifestations of trends are things that parody thermal underwear: knitted underpants and thermal sweaters. Miuccia Prada suggests wearing them not under ski jumpsuits, but in plain sight — with beautiful combinations. For inspiration, we recommend reviewing the Miu Miu show, which took place in the heart of the Dolomites.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день

Miu Miu

Knitted vest + shirt

Warm, like a sweater, only more functional. With a vest, you will come up with a dozen multi-layered images: with romantic dresses, turtlenecks and blouses. Personally, we will take the autumn-winter collection of Raf Simons as a guide to action — I want to wear a vest with a snow-white voluminous shirt and a flowing skirt.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день

Raf Simons

Bomber + Jacket + Dress

The classic bomber, of course, immediately asks for jeans and rough shoes, but we advise you to go further. The Stella McCartney collection shows how unexpectedly interesting a bomber looks with things opposite in style — jackets and elegant dresses. We advise you to bring this bold combination to the point of absurdity and add large earrings: and once again we remind you that there are no wrong combinations — there are only those that we have not tried yet.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день

Stella McCartney

Jacket + tight shirt to match + knitted top

Monochrome is a big trend in autumn-winter collections. It looks especially fresh if the image combines things of the same color, but different textures. I would like to take the autumn Totême image as a reference point: there is a suit fabric (jacket), and a slightly thinner material (shirt), and knitwear (T-shirt). Such a layered top with a shadow effect will look good not only with suit trousers, as in a lookbook — we can easily imagine it with a skirt below the knee and gray jeans.

Принцип капусты: 6 многослойных решений на каждый день

Totême Halkina Alyona

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