The best movie images for dating

The most romantic, daring and bright outfits for a date: inspired by the heroines from the movies

Who hasn’t dreamed of a date in the outfits of «Beauty» or hedonist Holly from «Breakfast at Tiffany’s»? Yes, many iconic female images will forever remain in our hearts. But we will have to find a place for a new one, because fashion never stands still.


Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

The second season of the series is one of the most anticipated premieres of 2022. A frank drama about the life of teenagers sets new fashion trends over and over again.

Jules, for example, has become more free in clothes: a translucent bodysuit, a white laced skirt and an accent on the eyes are a great option for a date in a bar or a meeting at a concert of your favorite band.
Maddie’s black dress with cutouts complete with gloves is perfect for parties and will definitely not leave its owner unnoticed. And it is better to try on the gentle images of Cassie in pastel colors on the occasion of a date in a movie, cafe or for a walk.

«Last night in Soho»

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

One of the most fashionable thrillers was filmed in the UK. The events of the film take place in two time dimensions at once: during the day in modern times, at night in the 1960s. Ellie is studying fashion design in London. Falling asleep every night in an old room in the attic, she goes back in time, where she watches the life of an aspiring singer Sandy. The history of old London holds many dangers and secrets, which the heroine has yet to face.

Fans of retro and 60s style will be glad to see Twiggy’s image again: gathered hair, wide arrows and a pink bell dress. It is impossible to pass by a wardrobe detail that connects both realities together: a white mackintosh will decorate any image and is perfect for a date in cool weather.

«Gossip Girl»

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

Residents of the Upper East Side have returned to us in a remake adjusted for time. Ten years after the events of the original, we are again watching the students of the elite Constance Billard school in Manhattan, but now under the prism of modernity and the influence of social networks.

The world has changed — fashion too. The clothes for the heroes were selected in accordance with the preferences of the new generation: the refined luxury and pins of Serena and Blair were replaced by streetwear, oversize and sneakers.

Julien Calloway became the new fashion icon of Gossip Girl. Her bold image is just what you should take note of. A white oversize shirt and mini will perfectly complement a tie and light massive boots. For more formal meetings, a minimalistic image of the heroine is suitable: gold jewelry, light makeup and a combination dress.

«Heads and tails»

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

A full-length film based on the popular TV show was released on Kinopoisk the day before. According to the plot, the ratings of the program have dropped so much that producer Valeria Repina needs to save it from closure. Valeria gathers a film crew and takes a desperate step: filming in one of the most closed countries in the world — Abd-el-Akri.

The romantic image of Alexandra Bortich, who played the lead on the verge of divorce, will be envied even by the princesses of the East. A purple dress with open shoulders gives her lightness and tenderness. Minimalistic jewelry — stud earrings and choker necklace decorated with identical stones became an excellent addition.

And the costume of Ekaterina Barnabas in the role of the producer of the show is suitable for walking through the streets of the old town and warm evenings on the seashore. In the frame, the actress is wearing a white linen top, cream-colored pants and a light elongated cape with a print. The accent of the image is a hat with a massive chain that will protect from the scorching sun. It is worth paying attention to shoes: light loafers, especially comfortable for outdoor activities, laconically complement the image.

«Malcolm and Marie»

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

Лучшие кинообразы для свиданий

After the premiere of the debut film, aspiring director Malcolm returns home with his girlfriend Marie. Against the background of waiting for the reaction of critics, a quarrel breaks out between the partners — Malcolm did not mention Marie in his thank-you speech.

The dress for the heroine of Zendaya was created in the conditions of a pandemic — the choice of fabrics, discussions and fitting took place via FaceTime. Stylists Roach and Rembert decided to create an «iconic, timeless image.» And they succeeded: a dress made of iridescent gold fabric with elegant cutouts was complemented by stockings from Wolford.

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