The adorable Zendaya wears pink in Paris and nothing but pink

A little beauty, color and favorite characters in the tape

One of the most sought—after actresses on the planet — Zendaya is once again «pulling the blanket over herself.» The face of Valentino’s advertising campaigns was expected to appear in the front row of the brand’s show in Paris, outshining all the guests. The young star demonstrated by her own example what color we will uncompromisingly wear next fall (we are counting on it very much). This is neon pink, which Zendaya has donned from head to toe: from an elegant coat to infantile trousers with flowers and a dizzying platform. 

Восхитительная Зендая носит в Париже розовый и ничего кроме розового


«Pink is the color of love, community, energy and freedom,» reads a message posted on the brand’s official account before the Paris show on March 6. And these words, without correction for color, resonate in the heart like never before today.

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