Swan Lake: Alexa Chung in the most impressive fur coat You’ve Ever Seen

Either Odette from Tchaikovsky’s historical ballet; or a cloud through which the bright yellow rays of the sun break through

This image of Alexa Chung in a voluminous snow-white fluffy faux fur coat and in a bright Gucci suit with a miniature crop top evokes several associations at once. Firstly, the air cloud from which the sun comes out (after all, yellow, like blue, are the most favorite colors of the season). Secondly, Chang looks like a sophisticated bird-dancer from the cult historical ballet «Swan Lake». 

Лебединое озеро: Алекса Чанг в самой впечатляющей шубе, которую вы когда-либо видели


The secular London fashionista Alexa Chung, although she left Netflix, slamming the door and giving up her chair in the reality show Gigi Hadid, is not going to leave the industry at all. And once again proves to everyone around her that her place on the pedestal in the fashion party is still privileged, and the taste is excellent. 

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