Naked Emily Ratajkowski and her beloved Columbo

Young and beautiful

Here is such a serene siesta at the 31-year-old supermodel Emily Ratajkowski: the sun-weary star and her beloved dog Columbo settled naked on the floor to take a break from the midday heat. Emily’s flawless body looks as cool as it did before the birth of her first child, don’t you agree?

Reading, napping, messing with the dog is a perfect summer day without hassle.

Emily adores her faithful dog, who does not let her get bored and lifts her spirits. Surely after the birth of baby Sylvester, Emily began to devote less time to the dog, and therefore such rare moments are even more pleasant and valuable. They’re together like in the good old days.

Голая Эмили Ратаковски и ее любимый Коломбо

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