Mindfulness Course: 5 trends that are with us for a long time

These things and fashion ideas will not bore designers and, accordingly, buyers for the next few years

It would seem that trends and reasonable consumption are opposite concepts. Fast fashion with at least five or six collections a year is not about awareness at all: ideally, in order to meet the changing fashion canons, you need to buy, buy and buy again. Is there an alternative? Is it possible to stay «on trend» and at the same time abandon excess consumption? Yes, if you choose things that will not lose relevance for at least three or four seasons. By the way, sustainable development and reasonable consumption are global trends in themselves. That is, if you are thinking about how to optimize your wardrobe and not make impulsive purchases, then you are already keeping up with the times.

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

«Male» oversize

Comfortable and relaxed silhouettes appeared at the autumn-winter shows of Dior, Lacoste and Alberta Ferretti, as well as in the spring collections of Louis Vuitton and The Row. Initially, men’s clothing adapted for women’s wardrobe was a distinctive feature of Coco Chanel’s early works, and tuxedos and pantsuits for women became fashionable thanks to Yves Saint Laurent. Over time, «men’s» ensembles have become classics of women’s wardrobe, especially business. Combining with another trend — the oversize, the suit transformed into another trend phenomenon — voluminous sets, as if taken from the men’s department, which can easily be worn by representatives of both sexes.

STUDIO 29 jacket, 7,900 rubles

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

Quilted fabrics

The Toteme quilted coat from the current autumn-winter collection, which has become a cult, is just the tip of the iceberg. Longchamp, Salvatore Ferragamo and Emporio Armani presented their variations on the theme. Models with stitching can already be found in brands of different «weight categories», from H&M to Ralph Lauren. Quilted fabric can hardly be called a new phenomenon in fashion, it’s just that it has been in the shadow of more spectacular trends for a long time. For example, the British brand Barbour has built an entire fashion empire on «hunting» jackets: for many years they have been worn by the entire family of Elizabeth II. Why is the quilted trend now so successful with influencers and ordinary buyers? Outerwear made of quilted materials, which has a clear resemblance to bedspreads and blankets, hits on all fronts at once: cozy, can be included in the database, has not had time to get bored yet.

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

A.W.A.K.E. mode / Stand Studio


Modern sconces are a more concise and sporty variety of crop tops and bralettes. Sports short top story is rather not about sexuality, but about freedom and comfort. The trend is not for everyone, skeptics will say. That’s the paradox: that’s what it is for everyone. Well, or almost for everyone. You can wear a sconce in combination with a voluminous jacket, as at the spring-summer shows of Hermes and Boss, with an unbuttoned cardigan or shirt, or you can — over dresses. If the latter option seems a bit risky, it’s worth studying photos from the Versce and Jason Wu shows — for inspiration and reassurance. 

Top TOPTOP Studio, 3,402 rubles

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

Cozy knitwear

Knitted things are traditionally considered a sign of the autumn-winter wardrobe, but designers, including Fendi and Hermes, decided that it is appropriate in spring. In general, knitwear is a constant value: only the shape changes, but the content remains the same. The world has been captured by the universal love of comfort, coziness and tranquility — a consequence of quarantine and self-isolation, when you want to feel as protected as possible from the adversities of the outside world. Hence the trend: jumpers with vintage patterns, cardigans combined with knitted sconces, knitted T-shirts with a turn-down collar, dresses, both winter and summer. It seems that the wardrobe can consist exclusively of knitted things and will not lose at all from this.

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

Proenza Schouler / COS

Leather clothing

Both natural and artificial leather are on trend. Moreover, the second is sometimes not inferior to the first in aesthetics and durability. At the same time, it is artificial leather that meets the principles of reasonable consumption and environmental responsibility, especially if it is made from recycled raw materials. But back to the trend: leather clothing is now not only jackets and trousers, but also dresses, tops, skirts, overalls, shorts, shirts and vests. The field of application of leather in the fashion industry has expanded significantly, and at the same time, the trend has gained weight, comparable only to denim. Another reason for the longevity of the trend is its variability. You can wear leather as you like, making accent sets in the spirit of winter showing Prada or Bottega Veneta or giving preference to laconic combinations.

Курс на осознанность: 5 трендов, которые с нами надолго

Nanushka / Gabriela Hearst

Nastya Obukhova-Remy, stylist

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