It’s official: knitted sconces can be worn not only as underwear, but also in public. Proves Zazi Bitz

Our favorite and most soulful actress from the movie «Nine Days» (to be circumcised) also the most stylish — which can not but please

You can vote for the image of Zazi or strongly speak out against it in the Telegram channel ELLE. There is already a heated discussion going on there.

The spring-summer 2022 season will definitely go down in fashion history as the most «naked» of all. In addition to the absolute triumph of ultrashort mini-skirts, more like wide belts, not just crop tops are on trend, but very frank bras. But it does not look at all vulgar, but stylish and even elegant. Which proves not so much Megan Fox as actress Zazie Bitz. 

Это официально: вязаные бра можно носить не только как нижнее белье, но и на публике. Доказывает Зази Битц

The star of the poignant film «Nine Days» and the heroine of «The Joker» went on the same red carpet with Lady Gaga. And although both actresses were noted here with black floor-length skirts, they looked completely different.

The image of Zazi is a curtsy to current trends. Orseund Iris apron skirt with ties, which she uses as a cool stylistic device with lacing; and a knitted bra (also called a knitted bra) Isa Boulder. Shoes — Bottega Veneta, jewelry — Grace Lee.

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