Illusion of deception: Pregnant Sita Abellan in a miniskirt and a top with inflated spikes that look like a computer hologram

Sensational image of a Spanish model and DJ

Following Rihanna, another fashion star, Spanish model Sita Abellan, famous for her blue hair and cool DJ sets at parties, did not hide her position. The girl is happy to show off her rounded belly and does it beautifully — in the best designer outfits.

For example, today Sita posted a picture on social networks in which she poses in a suit of the brand Chet Lo, which consists of a small top and a mini skirt. Its highlight lies in the unusual material — the designer uses a blown studded fabric that visually resembles a hologram or computer graphics. Abellan supplemented her alien image with mirrored glasses and a vintage Chanel belt — no exit from Sita is complete without such finds.

Иллюзия обмана: Беременная Сита Абеллан в мини-юбке и топе с дутыми шипами, которые выглядят как компьютерная голограмма

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