Five Facts about Nikola Peltz’s Sensational Wedding Dress

A few curious details of the «historical» star outfit

The wedding of Brooklyn Beckham and Nicola Peltz, held at the estate of the bride’s parents in Palm Beach on April 9, became a real social sensation. And although the guests were strictly forbidden to photograph the ceremony and the gala dinner, several pictures were still leaked to social networks. Plus, the couple’s official photographer, Russian German Larkin, gave the pictures to the British edition of Vogue exclusively. Therefore, the outfit in the Western press could be seen in every detail.

More photos and details of the wedding of the year were posted on the ELLE Telegram channel.

Пять фактов о сенсационном свадебном платье Николы Пельтц

Here are some interesting facts about the outfit that will go down in history. 

Пять фактов о сенсационном свадебном платье Николы Пельтц

  1. The decision to choose a designer was made not by the bride herself, but by her stylist — Hollywood consultant Leslie Fremar. It was she who advised Nicola to refuse the generous offer of the groom’s mother Victoria Beckham, to sew an outfit for her daughter-in-law. And opt for the atelier of the Valentino fashion house. 

  2. The wedding dress was ordered a year before the wedding, Nicola flew to Rome several times to try on the creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli. 

  3. The inspiration for the dress was the images of supermodels of the 1990s. Hence the style of minimalism. It is known that in her daily beauty images, Nikola often imitates her idol — Claudia Schiffer. The wedding was a kind of culmination of this «fanaticism».

  4. The price of a dress made of smooth white satin with an embroidered veil is 120 thousand dollars. 

  5. At the request of Nikola’s mother, former fashion model Claudia Peltz, a talisman against the evil eye (an amulet designed to protect against the «curse of jealousy») and a personal touching message from mom to daughter, embroidered with blue threads, were sewn into the hem of the skirt. 

What about the groom’s costume? According to some experts, Brooklyn’s tuxedo «overshadowed» the expensive image of his young wife. We tell you about him here.

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