Exits and antics: Why Kurt Cobain wore dresses

In honor of Kurt Cobain’s birthday, the most vivid images of the feminist and grunge musician were remembered

A year ago, American rapper Kid Cudi performed on the Saturday Night Live show, the musician appeared on stage in a floral dress. Thus, Scott Mescadi (that’s the rapper’s name) outlined his position on gender stereotypes. In addition, Kid Cudi paid tribute to the leader of the Nirvana group Kurt Cobain. Kurt himself has repeatedly appeared in public in a women’s dress with a floral print. Kid Cudi has previously admitted that he respects Cobain’s work, he even got a tattoo with the image of the Nirvana soloist.

Выходы и выходки: зачем Курт Кобейн носил платья

We decided to recall the iconic images of Kurt Cobain in a dress and speculate what it means for the industry.

In the early 90s, Kurt Cobain quite often appeared on stage in dresses. The musician chose the most feminine print, floral. Cobain has actively expressed his position against homophobia, racism and misogyny. On the cover of the September 1993 issue of The Face, Cobain appeared in a charming dress and with chipped red nail polish.

Выходы и выходки: зачем Курт Кобейн носил платья

Having grown up on rock and roll and punk culture, Kurt Cobain held left-wing radical views. He often reminded me of this. «I’m definitely gay in spirit,» Kurt once said in an interview. He made similar statements repeatedly, after Cobain admitted that he just wanted to annoy homophobes.

The Nirvana leader has also often spoken out about men who seek to conform to gender stereotypes. «I’ve always had problems with average machos—they’ve always been a threat to me,» he admitted.

Выходы и выходки: зачем Курт Кобейн носил платья

In 1993, Bill Clinton invited Nirvana to the White House, but the group steadfastly refused to be «crowned» with a grunge crown, they said they would rather wear dresses. And they did it. The photo session was conducted by photographer Stefan Sednaoui, the shooting took place in Seattle, opposite the Hostess cake factory.

Выходы и выходки: зачем Курт Кобейн носил платья

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