An apron is a fashionable, but unworn thing of the season

We tell you what is behind the trend for this subject of work uniforms

An unusual piece of clothing that you will look at in a new way. And four arguments in his favor.

The trend of post-quarantine reality

Фартук — модная, но незаезженная вещь сезона

Quira, spring-summer 2022

When the world came to life from quarantine, many things reminiscent of home appeared in the collections: linen suits and woven dresses evoke associations of crisp kitchen towels and woven rugs. So the variations of the kitchen apron are a continuation of the theme of home comfort, to which we are accustomed: which of us on the remote in the break between important calls did not bother in the kitchen for cooking a quick lunch? Well, now we are ready to go out in an apron in public.

A sense of security

Фартук — модная, но незаезженная вещь сезона

JW Anderson, spring-summer 2022/Hermès, spring-summer 2022

Deep down, we all need protection — and this sense of security can be given by clothes. You can wrap yourself more tightly in a coat, hide in a hood or a high collar. The apron is also associated with protection — especially heavy leather versions worn by butchers and blacksmiths to protect themselves from the heat of smelters and splashes of red-hot metal. It is these brutal aprons that the leather models from the collections of JW Anderson and Hermès look like — at the same time they look very elegant.

Hands free

Фартук — модная, но незаезженная вещь сезона

Comme des Garcons, autumn-winter 1994/Lemaire, autumn-winter 2022

An apron for tools, like those of gardeners, also becomes an inspiration for designers. Everything is simple here: this is a utilitarian thing that allows you to keep garden supplies at hand, so as not to run every time for a shovel or scissors. In everyday life, such a functional apron can be used — it will replace a bag! Options with large pockets can be found in the seasonal collections of Lemaire and Margaret Howell.

Aprons for evening outings

Фартук — модная, но незаезженная вещь сезона

Andreas Kronthaler for Vivienne Westwood, spring-summer 2022/Kwaidan Editions, spring-summer 2022

Aprons can be found in the archival works of Martin Margiela, Rei Kawakubo and, of course, Prada, who loves working with uniforms. In the collections of 2022, aprons have reached a new level: now they are more than a uniform — almost an evening outfit! We found such dresses based on a work apron in the collection of Vivienne Westwood and Andreas Kronthaler, as well as at the British brand Kwaidan Editions.

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