Add to cart: JW Anderson felt bag in neon shade

A bright accent in any image

While some brands are leaving the Russian market, others continue their work as normal. To support those who still stay with us, the editorial staff of ELLE launches a new heading «Add to cart». In it, we talk about the main masthaves of the season, which (so far) can be bought in online stores. For example, this neon felt bag from the new JW Anderson collection. Due to its impressive size, the tote will fit everything you need, so this accessory will become an indispensable companion for any resident of the metropolis. You can combine the bag with both sporty and more classic looks — the main thing is not to overdo it with bright shades. Let it be the only accent «spot» in your image.

Textile bag JW Anderson HB0243 green UNI

Добавить в корзину: фетровая сумка JW Anderson в неоновом оттенке

Textile bag JW Anderson HB0243 green UNI Know the price

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