Add to cart: an oversize jacket that will replace a trench coat

We are all waiting for the long-awaited warm days when it will finally be possible to change jackets and coats for your favorite trench coat. As an alternative, this season we suggest paying attention to oversize jackets. Firstly, they will never go out of fashion. Secondly, it is just as easy to style them, combining them in business, casual, and relaxed outfits. And besides, they will become your profitable investment not only in spring, but in principle in a year-round wardrobe.

We found the perfect model in all respects — a free, flawless cut and a neutral shade. Definitely and urgently in the wish-list.

Women’s blazer with long sleeves

Vintage brown jacket with lapels

Добавить в корзину: оверсайз пиджак, который заменит тренч

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