3 snicker trends that will be relevant in 2022

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For sneakerheads, 2021 was the year of collaborations and the return of avant-garde design. Based on the most notable releases of the last 12 months, it is possible to predict trends in 2022 with high probability. We tell you which sneakers you should pay attention to right now.

In vintage style

3 сникер-тренда, которые будут актуальны в 2022 году

Nike Dunk Low

The trend began to gain momentum at the beginning of the 21st year. By the end, all the influencers were wearing the New Balance 550 (a 1989 reissue of basketball sneakers). In the coming season, such models are only strengthening their positions. Pay attention to soft, low sneakers (like adidas Country OG, created based on the design of a running model of the 70s), as well as sneakers with a yellowish midsole (such as New Balance, Nike) — this simple detail adds «age» to even the freshest sneakers.

Unusual material

3 сникер-тренда, которые будут актуальны в 2022 году

Nike Air Force 1 x Swarovski

Velvet, faux fur, terry cloth and even Swarovski crystals — all these atypical materials will invariably attract attention to your sneakers. Look for the largest number of variations from the Nike Air Force 1 model (by the way, this is one of Haley Bieber’s favorite pairs).


3 сникер-тренда, которые будут актуальны в 2022 году

In the coming year, several more iconic Nike models will get an impressive platform. One of the most anticipated releases in February is Air Jordan 1 LV8D: these sneakers will be about twice «higher» than the usual «jordans». Nike Dunk High Rebel will also receive an impressive platform in 2022.

Preston Aina

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